Video production for the promotion of your company

Video production – TDV Productions is a leading video production house in the Midlands and North West.

Using only the very best video production talent, we make stunning video to bring your company and your brand to life on the screen.

We’re also an advertising agency – which means that not only do we make your video we can get it seen in all the right places.

Here are some practical ways that video can help to promote your company and your brand. Click the ‘Contact us’ link above for expert video production and distribution services online, on digital and on television.


Here’s one of our own promotional videos. This (and others like it) is used on social and digital channels throughout the Midlands and North west to promote our company and service.



For your website

Video on your website can improve SEO, extend the average visit length (by 87% on average) and can deepen engagement and brand loyalty. A web visitor seeing your company in action is also likely to have greater trust in you.

Here’s an example of a video created for a website.

For social media

You can engage your audience much better with video on all of your social media channels. Here’s an example of one of a series of videos which was made for a company’s social media audience. Very often at TDV, we don’t make just one video, we make a series. We provide our customers with a suite of video ‘assets’ to regularly deliver to their social media audience.


For social media and digital advertising services

Video ads on social media and digital channels are a marketers dream. With very low budgets (starting from £1) you can get your commercial seen in all the right places by all the right people with phenomenal targeting capabilities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and YouTube. Facebook and Google can also get your video ad rolling in online newspapers and millions of partner websites aimed directly at your perfect target audience. Video engages audiences like no other medium. Here’s an example.




For Television Advertising

Somethings have changed in TV advertising and somethings have not. It’s still the #1 way to advertise in terms of return on investment and brand recognition and it’s still the most trusted medium for consumers. What’s changed is the cost and the targeting capabilities. With 297 commercial UK channels you can select the channels and shows where your customers will be watching – we have a wealth of data to show you exactly when and where your customers are watching. £10,000 can get your ad seen over 450 times making 2.6 million adult impacts over a 5 week run. TV is now easy and accessible to even the smallest of firms. Here’s an example