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TV advertising is as big as ever despite our changing viewing habits, and it’s never been as accessible.

You’ll need a TV Commercial.

TDV is a video production company. We use our own actors and voice over artists to help to keep our costs sensible – we don’t pay outrageous fee’s to agencies, we’ve got all the talent we need right here. That’s how we deliver a highly professional product without the big price tag.

The video needs to be cleared for UK terrestrial television broadcast.

TDV is one of the few production companies that will clear your ad directly with ClearCast, the body that approves all ads for 297 UK TV channels. We’re a one-stop-shop for Social Media and TV advertising. We write and develop your concept, make the ad and prepare everything for broadcast.

Your ad needs to be submitted to the Copy Central system.

This allows all broadcasters to access your ad for transmission. TDV does this for you as part of the clearance process. Once your ‘Clocked-Ad’ is on CopyCentral, courtesy of TDV, you’re ready to roll.

You need to buy ‘TV Spots’.

A TV agency in London will handle all that. Our preferred supplier is They will design for you an advertising schedule aimed at your required demographic. They will buy up ‘TV Spots‘ for you across many different channels – and all of those channels will have access to your TDV ad on the CopyCentral system. Guerillascope can put a TV schedule together for you, reaching 100’s of thousands of viewers, starting from around £5,000.

From around £5,000 you can start your TV advertising campaign.


That kind of budget, whilst in a different league to social media advertising, is modest and puts it within reach of many small and medium sized businesses wishing to grow through TV exposure.


TDV Video Production was formed at the very start of the online video revolution. Why do we say it’s a revolution?

Well you don’t need to be Coca Cola or McDonald’s anymore. And you don’t need a £250,000 TV marketing budget! Just £1 will get you started on YouTube Ads, Facebook Video views and Twitter.

Social Media Video Advertising is a remarkable tool in that it’s open to everyone and it’s highly targeted – it’s the No.1 choice for TDV customers. Surprisingly though, TV advertising is still fresh and it’s still relevant – nothing quite matches the power of TV. That’s why TDV now offers TV advertising to it’s customers – we handle everything so you don’t need to.

Grow your business with TDV Video Advertising – online and on TV.

Some previous TDV ads made for broadcast


TDV makes video commercials for your website, Social Media Video Ad services (Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and TV. All our video’s are priced to be accessible for all. Social Media Video Ad services allow any business to target their desired demographic with high quality, responsive and effective advertising. You can start from as little as £1. TDV makes video commercials entirely risk free. We charge no upfront deposit and you pay nothing until you’re delighted. if we can’t achieve satisfaction (and we’ll work our socks off to see that we do) then you can walk away with no hard feelings not having spent a penny. With a TDV ad rolling on Social Media, TV (or both) we can help you to Speak to your Audience™.

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