Television Advertising is something that we all know about, we’ve all been watching it since before we could talk. It’s the #1 trusted advertising source for consumers and its #1 in terms of ROI. It’s also #1 when it comes to getting your brand recognised.

Let’s be honest, Television is still the ultimate medium for advertising.

There’s just one rather major problem though – it’s expensive and inaccessible for most companies. 

Well, to a point. TDV Video has removed a lot of the barriers to entry. 

Your creative

This is the actual TV commercial. Obviosuly prices can vary but typically we can make a broadvast TV ad for £5,000 – £8,000. That includes everything, even broadcast clearance. And what’s more, you can use it forever, royalty free. 

The air-time

We handle that too. With 297 UK commercial channels it’s never been easier to select the right shows and audiences where your ideal buyers will be watching. 

Our national advertising campaigns can be started from just £3,000. 

£10,000 can achieve 450 showings of your commercial impacting 2.6 million adults over a 5 week period. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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