Twitter Promoted Tweets

Reach any Twitter user in the world.


Any Twitter user in the world.

Twitter Promoted Tweets


Twitter Promoted Tweets is not as good as Google Adwords for Video or Facebook Video Views for demographic targeting. For the UK you can only select regions of England (East Midlands for example). So if you have a fixed shop in a town it probably wont be for you. You can select interests though and a major plus is that you can advertise to the followers of your competitors very easily by simply inputting your competitors Twitter Handle.

Twitter Promoted Tweets Costs

Twitter Promoted Tweets is by far the cheapest option. Where it falls down on demographic selection, it more than makes up on cost. For video advertising we have found the best option is to promote an individual tweet with the objective of link-clicks to your website. If you pay for 13 link-clicks then your video will be shown to as many people as necessary to achieve the link-clicks. If it takes 2000 people to watch your video ad for every link-click then you’re getting amazing value for money. TDV upload’s your video ad (limited to 39 seconds) directly on to Twitter so that it auto-play’s in newsfeeds. Viewing figures for a very minimal cost is extraodinary. Depending on your business, if you were to spend £50 per week for 6 months then your viewing figures from Twitter Promoted Tweets could rival TV advertising. 

Seconds Video Limit


We’ve removed all the barriers to Video Production and video advertising to make it affordable and accessible to all. Whilst we publish a general guide to our prices, we will work within any budget.