Google Adwords for Video

The oldest, and some still say, the best.


Unsurpassed. Google Adwords for Video is the king-pin of the internet. They can get your video on YouTube (as an ad), next to search results (the searches that you specify) and they can put your ad anywhere on the face of the planet using their enormous display network (your ad will show up in an online newspaper for example).

Google Adwords for Video


Very Good. Geographical targeting is excellent (you can select individual towns) and so is age, gender and a host of other things that you may not have even thought about, such as behaviours and interests. Google Adwords for Video targeting really is superb. As with any video advertising, you need to run your ads and take note of your results and amend accordingly. Finding the right demographic can be crucial for some businesses.

Google Adwords for Video Costs

Costs can vary but typical is 0.04p0.07p Cost Per View (CPV). This can be highly cost effective particularly if you have your targeting right. This represents great value for money though it should be said that Google Adwords for Video is the most expensive video ad service – probably more suitable to those firms with a larger marketing budget.



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