Facebook Video Views

Well, who isn't on Facebook? Need we say more?


Well, who isn’t on Facebook? Need we say more?

Facebook Video Views


Without a single shadow of doubt, Facebook Video Views offers the best demographic targeting of any of the video ad services. You can select age, gender, town, city or region, job role and even what type of device you’re using. The list of demographic targeting options really is amazing. Let’s say your ideal demographic was females aged 45-55, living in Birmingham whose interests include family days out. Let’s also say that you would want them to be a business owner. Well Facebook Video Views will find them, it’s a simple as that.

Facebook Video Views Costs

Facebook Video Views can vary in cost but as long as you have selected an audience who will be interested in your business enough to watch for more than 3 seconds then you should be able to get the Cost Per View down to a penny.



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