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TDV Video Advertising, Social Media and Google Adwords for Video

You’ve seen the videos that play before your chosen video on YouTube? Well that’s what we do, we make promotional videos (sometimes referred to as Virals or Viral Ads).

Google Adwords for Video gets your ad seen on YouTube and you can decide who watches that advert based on their geographical location.

TDV can make you an amazing video with NO production costs. We keep our costs low and you can even pay your invoice in small monthly payments if it helps. We want to be accessible to all.

The Video is made completely at TDV’s own risk – if you don’t like the result you can just walk away.

If you love it (and we’ll work hard so that you do), you can use the video to advertise your business on YouTube. You’ll increase local brand awareness of your business and help your business to grow. You can also use your video on your website and for advertising on your social media channels such as Facebook. Video is a very powerful advertising medium.

We want Video Advertising within financial reach of every business which is why we ask for nothing upfront and let you spread the cost so you only have to find a small monthly fee for a short period.

TDV works with some of the areas brightest talent so we will always be able to deliver what you need.

We can also help with still photography, website design (and hosting) and other services to help to raise the profile of your business online.

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Video online is here to stay and it can dramatically raise the profile of your business, particularly if used in conjunction with Google Adwords for Video and Facebook Video Views. TDV removes the barriers to video production allowing you to get on with growing your business.

Google Adwords for Video


TDV will create your perfect Video Ad and licence its use to you

Use Google Adwords for Video to find your target audience

Only pay when your video is watched, not skipped

View reports on when, where and how your video was watched