Well let’s start with the basics having an embedded video on your landing page is a good thing. In fact it’s one of the simplest things you can do to increase sales of your product or service. Statistics show that video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% and keep visitors on your site for 87% longer than if there were no video content. Website videos are an important first step in growing your business with video. 

How to grow your business with video

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Video on your social channels.

Most businesses now have a social media presence – if you haven’t then you need to get moving. Fast. Building your social media audience is of crucial importance to extending your social reach and getting your brand known. Video on social media has developed enormously over the past 3 years and it’s now a crucial way to communicate with your social media audience on all of the major platforms. There’s a place for amateur video on social media, your audience will want to see some iphone footage ocassioanally. Video that’s funny or interesting will always find a receptive audience. Professional video should be there too – you want your audience to see that you are a credible and trustworthy business. Well produced, high quality video content will strengthen your brand. 

How to grow your business with video

by | Jun 10, 2017 | Knowledge Zone, Video to grow your company |

Video production from TDV

Are you ready to go public?

Advertise with video

Many businesses use Google Adwords and post boosts to spread the word online but they often overlook one of the most potent methods (and most cost effective) of advertising and that’s video advertising. 

Larger companies have embraced video advertising all over social media and digital channels – but it’s a level playing field. There’s no barrier to entry and you can disrupt the competition. With ‘paid’ search you’re still competing with other companies on the first page, with video advertising you have the consumer all to yourself. 

Getting noticed with ads on social media isn’t always easy. A professional video commercial can catch the eye in a way that no other media can and there are now so many ways to advertise. Facebook has incredible targeting capabilites with video and can even get your commercial seen off their platform (in newspapers and millions of partner websites). Google adwords has also developed it’s video advertising platform alongside it’s traditional PPC offering – they can get your taregted ads pre-roll and mid-roll on YouTube videos and also in-search, just like PPC. Video advertising campaigns can be started for just £1 on all of the major platforms. 

How to grow your business with video

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Advertise on Television

Yes. Television. 

It’s not as ‘out there’ as you might imagine.

Television Advertising is something that we all know about, we’ve all been watching it since before we could talk. It’s the #1 trusted advertising source for consumers and its #1 in terms of ROI. It’s also #1 when it comes to getting your brand recognised

.Let’s be honest, Television is still the ultimate medium for advertising. Nothing say’s that you have arrived on the scene better than television. 

There’s just one rather major problem though – it’s expensive and inaccessible for most companies. 

Well, up to a point. TDV Video has removed a lot of the barriers to entry. 

Your creative This is the actual TV commercial. Obviosuly prices can vary but typically we can make a broadcast TV ad for £5,000 – £8,000. That includes everything, even broadcast clearance. And what’s more, you can use it forever, royalty free. 

The air-time – We handle all that too. With 297 UK commercial channels it’s never been easier to select the right shows and audiences where your ideal buyers will be watching. Our national advertising campaigns can be started from just £3,000. 

£10,000 can achieve 450 showings of your commercial impacting 2.6 million adults over a 5 week period. 

Contact TDV using the tab above or email TDVBookings@VideoAds.uk.com.  We’re based in Stoke on Trent and create video for businesses all over the country. If a business just wants the video to adorn their website then great. If you want the video to be watched by millions, we can help there too. 

Video is the ideal way to reach out to new audiences, win new business and grow your company and your brand. 

And make more sales. 

Thanks for reading . 

How to grow your business with video

by | Jun 10, 2017 | Knowledge Zone, Video to grow your company |